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Check Out Our List of 200+ Questions for This or That!

Check Out Our List of 200+ Questions for This or That!


Welcome to our list of 200+ questions for This or That! Whether you’re looking to play with friends or get a better idea of who your new Tinder date is, these questions are sure to be a hit. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list and start having fun playing This or That today!

What is This or That Game?

This or That is a game where players are given two options and have to choose between them. It’s a great way to get to know someone, since you can learn a lot about someone by their preferences.

How to Play This or That

Playing This or That is simple: just decide which option you prefer from the two given. You can either choose based on your own preference, or try to guess what the other person would choose.

If you’re playing with friends, you can take turns asking each other questions. If you’re trying to get to know someone new, like a Tinder date, you can ask them directly.

There are no right or wrong answers in This or That, so don’t be afraid to be honest about your preferences. Whether you prefer cats or dogs, coffee or tea, there’s no judgment here! Just have fun playing and find out more about the people around you.

Funny this or that questions

1. Cake or pie?

2. Sunny or rainy weather?

3. Painting or drawing?

4. Chocolate cake or vanilla cake?

5. Hot tubs or swimming pools?

6. Comedy movies or action movies?

7. Hiking in the woods or lying on the beach?

8. Cats or dogs?

9. Video games or board games?

10. Summer vacations or winter vacations?

11. Staying in or going out?

12. Meatballs or lasagna?

13. Horror movies or sci-fi movies?

14. Cream cheese frosting or chocolate frosting?

15. French fries or onion rings?

16. Dumb and Dumber or Ace Ventura?

17. Fuzzy socks or slippers?

18. Fried chicken wings or nachos?

19. Disneyland or Six Flags?

20. Dancing in the rain or singing in the rain?

21. Burritos or tacos?

22. Dogs or cats?

23. Horror movies or rom-coms?

24. Chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

25. Pizza or pasta?

26. Scary pranks or funny pranks?

27. Fast food burgers or greasy diner burgers?

28. Rolls of toilet paper: over, under, front to back, left to right?

29. Pringles potato chips or Lay’s potato chips?

30. Gossip magazines or celebrity news websites?

This or that questions for kids

31. Summer or winter?

32. Rain or snow?

33. Pancakes or waffles?

34. Chocolate or vanilla?

35. Spaghetti or pizza?

36. Dogs or cats?

37. TV or books?

38. Apples or oranges?

39. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

40. Silly jokes or knock-knock jokes?

41. Flip flops or sneakers?

42. Disney movies or Pixar movies?

43. Superman or Batman?

44. Coffee or tea?

45. Mountains or beaches?

46. Chinese food or Italian food?

47. Pencils or pens?

48. Penguins or flamingos?

49. Soccer or basketball?

50. The Avengers or Justice League?

51. Sleeping in or going out?

52. College or university?

53. Music or movies?

54. Facebook or Twitter?

55. Shopping or hiking?

56. Chinese New Year or Christmas?

57. The beach or the pool?

58. Pizza hut or dominos?

59. Spiderman or iron man?

60. Burritos or tacos?

61. Superman or hulk?

62. chocolate cake or vanilla cake?

63. Cupcakes or muffins?

64. Oreos or chips ahoy?

This or that questions for couples

65. Date night in or date night out?

66. Breakfast in bed or flowers?

67. Cuddling or kissing?

68. Staying in or going out?

69. Romantic dinner or picnic?

70. Getaway weekend or staycation?

71. Movie theater or at home on the couch?

72. holding hands or cuddling?

73. Taking a walk or playing a sport together?

74. Going out to eat or cooking at home?

75. Watching a sunset or watching a sunrise together?

76. Going for a drive or going for a walk together?

77. Dressing up or dressing down?

78. Getting massages or giving massages to each other?

79. A weekend away or a staycation?

80. Getting dressed up or keeping things casual?

81. Romantic picnics or romantic getaways?

82. Buying new lingerie for each other or giving massages to each other?

83. Going out for fancy dinners or cuddling up on the couch together?

84. Watching movies at home or going out to the theater together?

85. Long conversations over candlelight or sweet nothings in bed before falling asleep together?

86. Watching the stars together or exploring nature together?

87. Walking through the park hand-in-hand or sharing an ice cream cone together on the boardwalk?

88. Working out at home in front of the TV or going to the gym together?

89. Going out clubbing or staying in and having a quiet night at home together?

90. Taking a dance class together or going for a romantic hike together?

91. Going to a amusement park or going to the zoo together?

92. Getting manicures and pedicures together or going for a couples massage?

93. exploring a new city or town together or rediscovering your own city or town through fresh eyes together?

94. Taking a cooking class together or taking a wine-tasting class together?

95. Having friends over for dinner party or attending a dinner party thrown by someone else?

Summer this or that questions

96. Camping or glamping?

97. Swimming in a pool or swimming in the ocean?

98. Going to the water park or going to the amusement park?

99. Visiting an ice cream shop or visiting a candy store?

100. Eating watermelon or eating popsicles?

101. Wearing shorts or wearing a swimsuit?

102. Going on a road trip or taking a trip by airplane?

103. Sleeping in a tent or sleeping in a cabin?

104. Making s’mores over a fire or making s’mores in the microwave?

105. Going fishing or going canoeing/kayaking?

106. Going hiking or going to the beach?

107. Going to a baseball game or going to a soccer match?

108. Doing watersports or doing land sports?

109. Sunbathing or swimming?

110. Taking road trips or taking flights?

111. Watching fireworks from the beach at night or watching fireworks at an amusement park during the day?

112. Visiting a waterpark or visiting an amusement park together?

113. Going surfing or going boating/paddleboarding together?

114. Biking through the mountainside trails or hiking through pristine forests together?

115. Volunteering for charity events on the weekends or exploring new restaurants and shops in the city together on weekends?

116. Attending music festivals throughout summer months or attending local art festivals and concerts together?

117. Going camping or going glamping together?

118. Going to outdoor music festivals or staying home and watching movies together on the couch?

119. Taking weekend road trips or spending weekends catching up on sleep at home?

120. Spending a day at the beach or exploring a new city together?

121. Sunbathing by the poolside all day or hiking through nature trails during sunrise/sunset hours?

122. Swimming in crystal clear lakes during the day or swimming in your local community pools after dark under colorful lights as you listen to music playing from outside speakers nearby?

123. Entertaining friends for barbecues all summer long or enjoying couple time alone while travelling the world during summer months?

124. Taking road trips to nearby beach towns or taking weekend getaways to stay in luxurious cabins in the mountains?

125. Going to music festivals or going to local street fairs and art shows?

126. Having epic theme parties at home or traveling somewhere new every weekend during summer months?

127. Attending concerts at popular music festivals all summer long or staying home and watching movies together as you eat popcorn on a Saturday night?

128. Going for drinks by the poolside in the afternoon sun or staying indoors and playing board games together with friends after dark while sipping wine on a cool, summer evening?

Thanksgiving this or that questions

129. Turkey or ham?

130. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

131. Stuffing or green beans?

132. Cranberry sauce or gravy?

133. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

134. Ice cream or cake?

135. Coffee or hot chocolate?

Christmas this or that questions

136. Santa Claus or the Grinch?

137. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman?

138. Jingle Bells or Silent Night?

139. Elves or reindeers?

140. Eggnog or cider?

141. Gifts or gift cards?

142. Christmas tree or menorah?

143. Stockings or presents under the tree?

144. Snow or rain?

145. Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve?

146. Diamonds or pearls?

147. Indoor or outdoor lights?

148. Red or green?

149. Sledding or snowman building?

150. Caroling or ice skating?

New Year’s this or that questions

151. Balloon drop or confetti drop?

152. Sparklers or fireworks?

153.Champagne or wine?

154. Hors d’oeuvres or a full meal?

155. Party at home or party at a club/bar?

Christmas this or that questions

156. Christmas tree or menorah?

157. Christmas carols or Hanukkah songs?

158. Christmas movies or Hanukkah movies?

159. Festival of lights or Christmas Eve dinner with family?

160. Baking cookies for Santa or leaving out treats for the elves?

161. Gifts from Santa Claus or gifts from the baby Jesus?

162. Snow in winter or snow in December/January only?

163. Eggnog and hot cocoa or wine and cheese pairings?

164. Going to a Christmas party or attending a Hanukkah celebration?

165. Decorating the house with festive lights or making a gingerbread house from scratch?

166. Writing a letter to Santa Claus or playing dreidel with friends and family?

167. Christmas dinner with extended family or brunch with close friends on Christmas Day?

168. Exchanging presents on Christmas Eve or exchanging presents on Christmas morning?

169. Going sledding or going ice skating?

170. Seeing Santa Claus at the mall or attending a holiday play or pageant?

171. Taking a family photo in front of the decorated Christmas tree or taking a selfie in front of the menorah/hanukkiyah?

172. Giving gifts to others or receiving gifts yourself?

173. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters or dressing up in festive holiday attire?

174. Hosting a holiday party or attending a holiday party?

175. Singing Christmas carols or listening to Christmas carols?

176. Going on a sleigh ride or going on a hayride?

177. Drinking hot cocoa or drinking eggnog?

178. Eating candy canes or eating gingerbread cookies?

179. Making snow angels or making a snowman/snowwoman?

180. sledding down a hill or tobogganing down a hill?

181. Ice skating indoors or ice skating outdoors?

182. Skiing or snowboarding?

Mother’s day this or that questions

183. Breakfast in bed or a day at the spa?

184. Flowers or chocolates?

185. A homemade card or a store-bought card?

186. A family dinner or a girls’ night out?

187. Going for a walk or going to the movies?

188. A big hug or a kiss on the cheek?

189. Doing something special together or giving her some free time to do what she wants?

190. Helping around the house or taking care of the kids so she can have a break?

191. Telling her how much you appreciate everything she does or doing something nice for her without being asked?

192. Letting her sleep in or getting up early to make her breakfast in bed?

193. Planning a special surprise for her or taking her out for a fancy dinner?

194. Wearing something nice or getting dolled up together?

195. Helping with chores around the house or cooking dinner for her and the family?

196. Going on a shopping trip together or giving her some time to herself to go shopping by herself?

197. Doing something she loves that you don’t enjoy, like going to see a chick flick, or doing something you both enjoy, like going hiking outdoors?

198. Checking in with her throughout the day via text messages or just letting her have some time to herself without any distractions?

199. Writing an appreciation note and slipping it under her pillow or telling her in person how much you appreciate everything she does for you?

200. Taking care of the household bills for a month or taking over all of the childcare duties for a week?

Dads this or that questions

201. Going out to eat or cooking dinner at home?

202. Going fishing or going golfing?

203. Watching a football game or going to a football game?

204. Working on a car together or working on a puzzle together?

205. Taking a trip or staying at home?

206. Camping out in the backyard or renting a cabin in the woods?

207. Going hiking or going biking?

208. Shooting hoops together or playing catch together?

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