1964 Quarter Value

1964 Quarter Value and Price Chart

If you have a 1964 quarter, it could be worth anywhere from a few dollars to over $15! A circulated coin from 1964 is worth at least its weight in silver, which is currently around … Read more

1974 Quarter Value

1974 Quarter Value and Price Chart

Coins from the Philadelphia mint normally sell for between 75 cents and $5.70, whereas flawless Denver mint coins can get up to $260. The typical value of a San Francisco proof quarter is $4.62 in … Read more

1965 Quarter

How Much Is a 1965 Quarter Worth?

In circulated condition, it is only worth the face value of $0.25. However, if the coin is in uncirculated condition, it can be worth as much as $10. The price goes up even more for … Read more

1981 Quarter

How Much Is a 1981 Quarter Worth?

Most 1981 quarters are only worth 25 cents, but those that are uncirculated and in mint condition can be worth up to $7. Many people enjoy collecting coins, and quarters are a popular choice. There … Read more

1972 Quarter

How Much Is a 1972 Quarter Worth?

Though a regular 1972 quarter is only worth its face value of 25 cents, the value can increase depending on the coin’s condition. Uncirculated quarters, for example, those without wear and tear can be sold … Read more

1966 Washington Quarter With an Error

How Much Is a 1966 Quarter Worth?

Do you have any old 1966 coins lying around your house? If so, you may be wondering how much they are worth. The quarter was made from copper-nickel clad, which is a less valuable metal. … Read more

How Much is a 1967 Quarter Worth?

Currency collections can take many forms. Some people collect coins from different countries, while others focus on paper bills from a certain era. Some collectors try to amass as many examples as possible, while others … Read more