1964 Nickel Value

1964 Nickel Value and Price Chart

In today’s market, a 1964 nickel is worth 5 cents in circulated condition. But if you can get a rare, Uncirculated/mint condition coin, then you can get a good price as those can be worth … Read more

1935 Buffalo Nickel Value

How Much is a 1935 Buffalo Nickel Worth?

The value of a 1935 Buffalo Nickel depends on a few factors, including the coin’s condition and mint mark. A circulated coin is generally worth around $1, while an uncirculated coin can be worth anywhere … Read more

1940 Nickel Value

1940 Nickel Value and Price Chart

All 1940 Jefferson nickels are worth between 7 and 25 cents in circulated condition. Uncirculated examples are worth at least $2,50 depending on their mint marks. The most valuable are 1940 proof coins which are … Read more

1941 Nickel Value

1941 Nickel Value and Price Chart

Average 1941 nickels can be worth anywhere from $0.06 to $100 depending on the mint tag and the condition. The most valuable are proof coins which can range in value from $18 to a few … Read more

2005 Buffalo Nickel Value

2005 Buffalo Nickel Value and Price Chart

The popular Buffalo Nickels are 5 cent United States coins. They are called Buffalo Nickels because the reverse of the coin features a buffalo. This coin is also called the 2005 Jefferson nickel and 2005 … Read more

1943 Nickel

How Much Is 1943 Nickel Worth?

The 1943 nickel was very popular even around the time it was produced andmany collectors still admire it for its interesting history and materials used in its mint. Now imagine the value of a coin … Read more

How Much is a 1939 Nickel Worth?

The production of the Jefferson nickel started in 1938 as a replacement for the Buffalo nickels. With that, the series joined Shield, Liberty Head, and Buffalo as one of the four minted US nickels. Even … Read more