1972 Silver Dollar Value and Price Chart

You’ve come to the right place. It’s time to take a look at how much is a 1972 silver dollar worth. With this info at your fingertips, you can figure out if you have a valuable coin when trying to sell it or trade it for something else.

Firstly, you need to realize that the 1972 P Eisenhower dollar has 3-types.

  • Type 1 – Low Relief Reverse Variety
  • Type 2 – High Relief Reverse Struck with Proof Die
  • Type 3 – High Relief Reverse Modified

The 1972 Eisenhower Dollar (Type 1 – Low Relief Reverse Variety) is worth $5.70 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. The (Type 2 – High Relief Reverse Struck with Proof Die Variety is worth $118 or more in Uncirculated condition. The final type is (Type 3 – High Relief Reverse Modified) and is worth $5.70 or more.
Other variations of the 1972 Eisenhower dollar are the 1972 D and 1972 S, stay glued to this page to find out what these coins are worth in the market today.

1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar – History

1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar

Unlike most coins in US history, the Eisenhower Silver Dollar was short-lived. The one-dollar coin, which was issued by the United States Mint from 1971 to 1978 and is considered a classic of American coinage, depicts President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the obverse and an image honoring the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon mission based on the mission patch designed by astronaut Michael Collins on its reverse.

1972 Silver Dollar
Location Minted
Philadelphia 75,890,000
Denver 92,548,511
San Francisco 2,193,056
Total 170,631,567

The design on both sides of the dollar coin was created by Frank Gasparro. It is the only large-size U.S. dollar coin whose circulation strikes contain no silver.

In 1965, because of rises in bullion prices, the Mint began to strike copper-nickel-clad coins instead of silver. No dollar coins had been issued in thirty years, but legislators sought to reintroduce a dollar coin into commerce beginning in 1969.

In 1971, the Mint struck 125 million Eisenhower dollars; it was by far its largest annual production of a dollar coin. The 1972 dollar struck at Philadelphia is broken down into three varieties. The three varieties may be differentiated by examining the depiction of the Earth on the reverse.

1972 Silver Dollar
Metal Composition 91.67% Copper – 8.33% Nickel
Mass/Weight 22.80 grams
Diameter 38.1 mm
Thickness .95 mm
Mint Marks “D” “S”
Edge Reeded
Designer Frank Gasparro

Type I dollars show the Earth as flattened, with Florida pointing southeast with the islands mostly to the southeast of the tip of the peninsula.

The Earth is a sphere, and Florida points to the south on Type II, with a single large island directly to the southeast. Type III resembles Type II, except that there are two islands directly to the south of the peninsula.

Type II, an error in the minting process that resulted in an incorrectly placed stamp, was used in March 1972 in Philadelphia and should have been used for the silver proof strikes at San Francisco.

Type III was placed in service in 1972, replacing Type I. Type I is the most common; the Type III design was used after 1973 and into 1976. The 1972 Type II is expensive in top grades, as is the 1776–1976 Type I from Philadelphia, which was only available in mint sets.

The Eisenhower Dollar stands today as the greatest achievement in U.S. coinage. It was the most technically challenging coin ever attempted, and it remains one of the most beloved numismatic rarities to this day. Researching the Eisenhower Dollar is vital for numismatic historians who want to understand what the post-silver era was like. It was a noble failure—and its rarity has made it an important part of any serious collector’s collection.

1972 Silver Dollar Design


1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Obverse

The obverse of the coin features former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, he is facing left. It also features the words “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “LIBERTY,” just above the head of the Ex-president. The year the coin was struck is also featured just below the head.


1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Reverse

The reverse of the coin honors the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon mission, based on the mission patch designed by astronaut Michael Collins. It features an eagle that appears to be landing. It has 14 Starts and the words “E PLURIBUS UNUM” “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “ONE DOLLAR”

1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Value & Types

Eisenhower dollars have been minted since 1971, which means the hobby of collecting dollar coins has been around for almost 20 years. It’s no wonder so many people are interested in how to identify and value these coins.

1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Types

1972 Eisenhower Dollar: Type 1 – Low Relief Reverse

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type 1

One major variety is the 1972 Type 1 Eisenhower “Ike” Dollar. This coin is also known as Variety 1, and it deals with the styling of Earth on its reverse. The differences are subtle but easy to distinguish.

The Type 1 dollar features three islands off the coast of Florida. They are all east of the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico (or western edge of Florida). This variety is slightly lower in relief than the Type 2 dollar, which was used in most copper-clad or uncirculated silver dollars from 1971 to 1974.

1972 Eisenhower Dollars: Type 1 Coin Value Chart By PCGS
Grade Price
MS 60 $5
MS 62 $14
MS 63+ $24
MS 64 $28
MS 64+ $36
MS 65 $125
MS 65+ $825
MS 66 $3,250

1972 Eisenhower Dollar: Type 2 – High Relief Reverse Struck with Proof Die

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type 2
1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type 2

One of the more distinctive varieties in this series is the 1972 “Ike” Dollar. This year’s design contains a different depiction of the Earth on the reverse and subtle differences which make it easy to tell one variety from another.

The Type 2 dollar features a higher relief and rounder earth than the Type 1. However, it does not show islands very well. Usually, the islands lump into one very large island or indentation on the coin.

In 1971, this variety was used on most proof dollars and all silver dollars. It is also found on a few copper-clad Ike dollars. This variety is scarce and valuable!

1972 Eisenhower Dollars: Type 2 Coin Value Chart By PCGS
Grade Price
AU 50 $70
MS 60 $90
MS 63 $160
MS 63+ $175
MS 64 $260
MS 64+ $450
MS 65 $1,200
MS 65+ $2,600
MS 66 $10,500

1972 Eisenhower Dollar : Type 3 – High Relief Reverse Modified

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type 3
1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type 3

The last major variety of Eisenhower dollar coins is the Type 3, which also features a high relief strike. This variety has three very clearly visible islands like the other two types, but it extends further into the Gulf of Mexico—far beyond Florida’s western edge.

1972 Eisenhower Dollars: Type 3 Coin Value Chart By PCGS
Grade Price
MS 64 $37
MS 64+ $55
MS 65 $140
MS 65+ $225
MS 66 $1250
MS 66+ $5000

Here are some examples of the 1972 Eisenhower Dollar minted at Philadelphia and how much they were sold for at auction;

  • 1972 $1 Type Two MS66 PCGS Sold on Jan 8, 2016 for:$9,987.50. Premium Gems are extremely rare, with only seven grading events at PCGS, none at NGC, and none finer at either service (11/15). This MS66 Type Two dollar is one of the finest examples in existence.
  • 1972 $1 Type One MS66 PCGS Sold on Apr 28, 2011 for: $7,475.00. The first type of Eisenhower dollar, introduced in 1972, distinguished by a low relief or “weak” design of Earth and moon in the background. Only a few tiny marks on and near the portrait preclude an even finer designation.
  • 1972 $1 Type Three MS66 PCGS Sold on Jan 10, 2014 for:$4,700.00.  The surfaces are nearly untouched by wear, with a soft luster and a hint of gold patina. Traces of the planchet surface. None finer than this piece exist (12/13)

1972 D Eisenhower Dollar Value & Chart

1972 D Eisenhower Dollar

Group Dollars
Mintage 92,548,511
Minted At Denver
Mint Mark “D” Mint Mark

The 1972 Eisenhower Dollar has another variation of the coin which was minted at the United States Denver mint. The coin is over 50 years old but still considered a rarity, especially in gem condition.

On average, The 1972-D Eisenhower Dollar is worth $5.70 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. However, this coin has been sold for higher amounts in auctions. Here are some examples of the 1972-D Silver Dollar that were sold.

  • 1972-D $1 MS67 PCGSSold on Apr 28, 2017 for: $3,760.00: This 1972-D Eisenhower dollar is one of the 24 finest graded by both PCGS and NGC, with highly lustrous light gray surfaces. Both sides exhibit marvelous preservation, with excellent definition of the Western Hemisphere land masses.
  • 1972-D $1 MS67 PCGS Sold on Aug 14, 2015 for: $7,931.25: The toning on this Superb Gem Registry coin is a lovely ice-blue, with champagne hints on each side. A thin sliver of rainbow color appears along the lower rim. The strike is lacking sharpness on both sides and has dulled hair details in place of finer details.
1972 D Eisenhower Dollars Value Chart By PCGS
Grade Price
MS 64 $30
MS 65+ $45
MS 66 $160
MS 67 $3,500

1972 S Eisenhower Dollar Value & Chart

1972 S Eisenhower Dollar

In 1972, two varieties of the Eisenhower Dollar were issued: a silver-clad composition with a 40% silver content and a common composition without silver. The Brilliant Uncirculated version came in a blue pack/envelope with a blue seal (“Blue Ikes”). These were mint condition coins sold to collectors.

Minted At
San Francisco
Mint Mark
“S” Mint Mark

The 1972 S Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollar was issued in proof sets and brown boxes with a gold eagle seal (“Brown Ikes”). Only 1,811,631 of these mirror-like silver proof coins were produced.

The 1972-S Eisenhower Dollar (Silver Clad Variety) is worth $16 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Proof coins can be valued at $17 or more.

1972 S Eisenhower Dollars Value By PCGS
Grade Price
MS 63 $18
MS 65 $26
MS 67 $47
MS 68 $150
MS 68+ $700
MS 69 $3,250

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the mint mark on a 1972 Eisenhower dollar?

The mint mark on the 1972 Eisenhower dollar is located on the obverse of the coin just below the neck of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. However note that the coins struck at the Philadelphia mint won’t be carrying any mint mark. You can only find the mint mark in coins that were struck at the Denver or San Francisco mint with each carrying “D” and “S” respectively.

What makes a 1972 Eisenhower dollar rare?

The 1972 Eisenhower dollar is rare to find in gem condition, however, The 1972 Philadelphia Minted Ike Dollar Type 2 reverse is the rarest of all three varieties. This was created when a Proof die was mistakenly used at the mint facility in August at the Philadelphia mint.

What is the value of a 1972 Eisenhower uncirculated silver dollar?

On average, the 1972 Silver Dollar could be worth $5.70-$112 or more in uncirculated condition. However, we’ve seen collectors buy and sell this coin for way higher.


The price of a coin is determined not just by its condition but also by its rarity. However, most times It really comes down to the quality of the coin and the overall condition, which you’ll be able to tell by doing a deep examination of your coin. Whether we’re talking about silver dollars or coins in general, premium quality material is desirable and collectible. The rarer the coin, the greater the value.

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